The Data Are In!

Great news – the American Community Survey Data have been released by the U.S. Census Bureau, and have been fully integrated into all dashboards at Kansas Voting Data!

The American Community Survey (ACS) provides a wide range of important statistics about people and housing for every community in the nation, and is the only source of local estimates for most of more than 40 topics it covers. For example, it produces statistics for language, education, commuting, employment, mortgage status and rent, as well as income, poverty and health insurance.

Normally this data is released in December, but in 2021 – for the first time ever – the Census Bureau delayed the release due to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

These data play a critical role in understanding the needs and views of voters throughout Kansas, as well as specific communities, regions, and political subdivisions. For those interested in the shifts and changes that have taken place throughout the state over the past five years, we encourage you to visit “Topic 4: Census Demographics by Common Political Geographies” at and explore the data yourself!