2021 calls for a data refresh

After a presidential election, there is always so much data and information to update, upload, and sift through. And at KansasVotingData.com, we love it. 

This new data helps us to have a better understanding of our community’s civic health; what types of people are voting, when are they voting, how many individuals voted for the first time in 2020, etc. 

One of the key datasets we’ve updated so far this year is the American Community Survey (ACS) 5 year dataset, now covering 2015-2019. This is a moving average of the last 5 years of data collected by the U.S. Census Bureau to generate vital data on our country and communities. The ACS tells us about jobs and occupations, educational attainment, veterans, whether people own or rent their homes, and other topics important to understanding our community. 

To view the newly published census data, visit our data dashboard and select one of the items under “Topic 4: Census Demographics by Common Political Geographies.”