A deeper look into KansasVotingData.com

We believe data is powerful. However, we know that data can be overwhelming and tricky for some to find, analyze, and understand.

Our mission at Kansas Voting Data is to make civic data easier for everyone to access, utilize, and learn from.

Our website is designed to gather data from the US Census Bureau, the Kansas Secretary of State, and other sources to better understand our state’s overall civic health and the health of individual counties, regions, and other populations. For us, civic health measures of the well-being of a community, state, or nation by analyzing the engagement of citizens in their communities and in solving community concerns. As civic health increases within a community, so does resilience and effective governance, making communities better places to live, work, and grow.

In a recently recorded video, we take you through KansasVotingData.com to learn how to navigate the site and explore the data in more depth. You will experience first-hand the breadth and detail of information you are able to see and learn from on the site.

We also walk you through a few case studies to showcase the use of data when examining specific trends or topics related to civic health and voting.

We encourage you to stay up-to-date with us as we continue to update the data, explore trends, and tell the narratives coming from existing datapoints by clicking here to sign up for our email list.

Data is an extremely powerful tool when used to inform community activism, lobbying efforts, or even for project or program funding. Knowing and understand the data of your community can help hold us all accountable for reaching and involving everyone in our state as we work towards improving civic health.

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